Saturday, November 10, 2007

....more words from her youngest child~

I have tried so many times to send some words to this page , and it has been impossible , I finally had to call over my sweet sister , other wise known as " the perfect daughter"... it was a great joy to pick on my sister about that silly title, I had to get her over here to save me from my computer! she is my hero . but anyone who knows my sister ,knows that she is the kindest , most thoughtful ,she is the closest thing to an angel that I have ever to have miss Moonwater for my mother , Cherie for my sister , and my sweet brother Adam , well as you can see I am so blessed to be in this wonderful family! It is almost impossible to know my family and friends , and not just feel special . being my mothers daughter has always made me feel like I had won some "cosmic lottery " or something , and as the years went on , and the challenges became bigger , as did the lessons , and strength and the clarity that my mom was my strength ,and she will always be so much of what gives me the power to stay strong every day , and try to remember what moms song says , to " Be an example of jah light ". I sure am trying mama! thank you SO much , for each and every story , picture and memory . All the stories make up so much of who she is to us , as her children , and it is almost like getting to know her again ....some more . just way cool , so please keep the stories and love flying out her way , and ours! thank you , I will write again soon , and after some sleep I may even make some words come out right ~ Elana


Elana said...

I am going to comment on my own post ,as I can't believe how badly I rambled ,and you must know that I have been up for almost 2 days straight , so please know that I usually have more grace in my communication skills than that pittifull excuse for , me~

Pauline said...

Elana, You have issues. :)

missmousey said...

Elana my darling your post was beautiful and eloquent....not rambling but heartfelt and sheesh make sure you get SLEEP!