Friday, November 16, 2007

Sarvis Berry Picture

Lots of memories floating through my brain. Now-a-daze I would run into Moonwater at the Price Chopper. I would always take the time to stop and talk with her. Every time I hugged her I would see her as that woman I knew back in "the old days." She was so powerful, so often the center, I remember so many times a large group of people sitting around a waiting to see what she was gonna do next, so we could decide what we were gonna do. Guess I won't be running into her anymore ... 'cept in my heart.

That brings me back to the land we called Sarvis Berry. The first of many times I lived in the same house or land with June and the family. My eye caught that Sarvis Berry picture that says Eugene Weekly (on the right side of this page near the bottom). That photo was part of a cover story for now defunct Eugene Magazine. The "What's Happening?" was the "Willamette Valley Observer" back then. Eugene Magazine did a story called "Welfare: the Other Eugene." On the front page was a nice black and white photo of our house, with the kid's toys and stuff out front, kinda dilapidated looking. The June photo was inside the magazine, I believe. I remember when the guy came out and did the interview and took the photos. He took some of the best Cheri photo remember seeing.

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