Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thank you all who were able to ......

....share this beautiful day with us ! I was once again blown away by the emotion in that building. We really only had that space for what felt like a very short time , however we seemed to bring mom's vibe into that place so strong! I am thankful for so many parts of that day , but I have to say a special thank you to Maria Moondance for helping to make that wonderful "circle" happen . I also have to thank ALL OF YOU who put their love , energy , time ....Patience , and money into making that day be so ....perfect! As Moonwater's youngest child I felt so "complete" .......after getting to know my wonderful big brothers! And I can't believe that all of these years have gone by , and I am only now getting the gift of knowing both of them. It is WAY SHITTY!!!! that we had to have THIS be what finally brought us together , but then I am grateful that something positive was able to come out of me .....losing my mother...... I am still trying desperately to "say it out loud" , I am so scared of how much it will hurt.... but it has to . anyways , as you can see , it is early and I have not yet slept today , so I should stop writing before I say something way dumb. Before I go, let me first say to those of you who were not able to come , we missed you all , and I am sorry for all who did not get to see the love in the room that day , because it was so beautiful . I hope that you can find the strength and support from your world, that I got from the love in that circle , and the story's and laughter that we shared that night is and will bring me strength in the following weeks as I allow myself to feel the .....process of my journey. anyone who knows me , truly knows that I have always been my mom's "biggest fan " , that was her line , she would tell people , when I clapped so loud after a set , she would laugh ,and blush and say I was her biggest fan! So the fear inside of me is pretty big .... but I am a girl who must FEEL IT !!! I love you all ~ME

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