Monday, November 5, 2007

yuck or yum

I first met Moonwater 30 years ago, in this life. I say this, because it seems that I've known her always. She was and remains my soul sister. In the time that I've spent with her, I have witnessed her touch so many peoples lives in a crucial way. She was really a Onederful teacher! I learned from her many, many things about living from a place of heart and atunement and intuition. It seems we spent a lot of time laughing together. One thing came to me as I compose this. I remembered when she spoke of making decisions based on whether it felt yucky or yummy . . . . . . . a very simple and basic way of following your gut. Sometimes when I have to make a decision, I hear her voice saying these words. It makes me smile. Moonwater makes a lot of people smile!

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Elana said...

As her daughter I find myself taking all these stories of love and streangth ,as a personall compliment..... I know it is silly , but I have found myself feelling like a proud parent! she was my mother ,daughhter teacher ,my friend !!! I guess that true love and growth can come in so many diffarent forms in one life time. I find myself feeling a little bit possesive as her youngest child , but on the other hand , I have always been proud to share her with the world ,as long as thay know , that pretty woman on stage is MY MOM!!! I am not too good at this computer , but I will spend more time sharing thoughts now that I know how!!! So if you would all continue to share all your pictures and stories with us , and we will be happy to laugh with you about so many great adventures that she shared with all of us . so thank you ! and I look forward to reading more ,and writting more in the near future!!!Thank you all !!!~Elana