Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I wanted to share a poem I read recently on a message board that touched me deeply and made me think so much of mom:

By Chandra Ruiz

We are all Born of her

From her we have all been created
In her blood we find our own.

She is leaving us now.
Her blood
Her flesh
Her breath.

She is returning to her mother
From whom we are all born.

We are of her and she of us.

This mother, grandmother, great grandmother
of us all now makes her exit.

We will all return to her as she now returns to
her mother and her mother’s mother.
GGF Harry, G Aunt Minna, GM Anna Vera, GGM Sarah copy
We will all return to her as she returns to the mother of us all.

She is of flesh but fleeting.
She has breath but little.
She has heart barely beating.

Give her peace in her journey.
Give her speed in her race.
Give her light in her darkness.

Goodbye sister of sisters.
Goodbye wife among wives.
Goodbye mother of my mother
I will miss you.

I will let you go now.

We release you from your trials.
We send you in light and love.
We send you in forgiveness and understanding.

Rest dear Grandmother
Your work is now done.

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