Thursday, November 8, 2007

From HarpO:


I met Moonwater in Eugene , at jeb’s”Loft”
In 1979..i was new to Town and knew no one.
I think Tim Long brought me up there, and a few folks where there.

I was amazed at her smile and beauty, she just gazed at me as if I was some kinda rock Star…
and I remember sharing some ceremony, and someone had a guitar, [ Tim?] and she played us a song..
SHE was the Rock Star..and as a result, I spent the next oh, 3-4 years basically like a puppy dog,
Hangin out anywhere I could she might be…was actually kinda scared of her, she had so much cozmic power, and I
[initially] felt like the new kid a lot, with all these wise ol hippies hangin ‘round..I was Fresh from Chicago .

But she was always kind and sharing with me, I always felt included, and basically met most all of my Eugene friends thru her one way or another. She helped me get into a room at the 15th street house, get my first tree plantin jon=b with SKOOKUMS
[later I was a HODAD] and basically kept an eye out for me when I wuz young n stupid.
Hadn’t seen her [or Eugene] since ’80 or 81…”always thought that I’d see you again”
We actually were lovers very briefly, after many years, I felt very in love, yet knew I could not hold onto her…

I really do not think a day ever went by with out a thought about her, she became part of me…
My song Goin Home is posted here, the story of my struggles to end up in Eugene ..

The Lyrics that read
“I wandered down That Road for Miles, wonderin would I ever find a Home,
Then You[Moonwater] welcomed me into this Circle of Smiles, and suddenly, I was not Alone..”

Yup, That was her.

Wrote the song all at once while I played it, in 5 minutes, words haven’t changed in all these years,
With Her, and several others in our tribe, at Cougar Hotsprings outside Eugene .
Now I have a band and a life, and thank her every time i play it..

I love you all, that’s what she taught me to do.

I wrote this about her the night she passed, about midnight..couldn’t sleep till I did.

“Loving to live, living to love”, that was Moonwater.

A true earth mother, friend and confidant to so many,
Caring, giving, daring, living, she seemed to understand us all

Never gave up on us, always loved us as her own…
Faults, missteps, none stopped her flowing way.

Promoting and being in the way of Peace and Love,
A true child of so many Rainbow? Tribes,
Moon took all who paused to listen to a pure and clear place of harmony.
The times she spent, and the family and friends she loved, stand in testament to a woman who always looked forward, to the positive and strove to bring us all to a better new place.

A shining smile and a sparkle in the eye that so very many will never forget, a true star in the very best sense of the word.

We bless the time we had with our dear sister and thank all who have thought of her . “


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Cherie said...

beautiful .. it means so much to read such touching memories :)