Friday, November 9, 2007

My Sister with the Cheshire Cat Smile

I met Moonwater more than 30 years ago. I was a Tarot reader in the 5th Street Public Market. One day this elfin, beautiful woman came dancing into my booth, with a smile on her face that lit up the room. She told me that she was not there for a reading, but that she was curious about who I was and what I did. Without further ado, she sat down at my table and smiled at me.

Well, that was the beginning of a friendship that was unlike any other I had ever had. She wanted to learn Tarot so, instead of formally teaching her, we did a number of readings together so that she could pick it up in a very hands on kind of way.

She loved the fact that, like her, I was a musician...a folksinger from way back when. When I lived out on Macbeth Road, she would come by to visit me and Rochelle and she would always ask me to take out my guitar and sing her a song or two. I lived in the cabin on the top of the hill, in the woods, and she would come on up and visit. One day, I noticed a beautiful and unusual amethyst ring she was wearing. She had the most lovely hands. She took the ring off and gave it to, as a sister to a sister traveler on the Great Road. And, yes, my dear sister, I still wear that ring. It is the ONLY ring I usually wear, and I have always worn it on the wedding finger. Isn't that odd? In a way, although I have been married for 36 years, I always felt "married" to Moonwater.

I remember that, while I lived on Macbeth Road, Moonwater entrusted Elana and Adam to my care for a few months. And wild times those were! Imagine - my three children, her two children and me in a two room cabin without running water or indoor plumbing! And yet, we survived. Astonishing!

Sadly, as the years passed, pain separated us and we each became reclusive...lost touch with each other. Then, on the morning of the day she died, my husband was awakened by the call that she was dying. So I went to be with her and was gifted with the amazing experience of being there when she crossed over. I know that she wanted me there on that day and no other. I am profoundly honored to have known Moonwater and to have been able to help her cross over, and I continue to be joyfully honored by now being a small part of her childrens and grandchildrens lives.

I have talked much with Moonwater since she passed. We spend time at night, her sitting on my bed, talking about her experiences, our lives, how we have known each other through many lives. So, to all who love her, rest assured. Our wonderful Moonwater flies on Raven wings of fire and is joyfully preparing for her next sojourn into life.

Blessings of the Trees,
Samantha Ravensdaughter

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My grandma was so pretty